Silicone Halloween Masks

The ULTIMATE Halloween mask with Silicone Realism, from the masters of halloween, Tombstone Productions.

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You’ve seen the quality painting and sculpting of some regular latex halloween masks, but they look exactly like what they are… masks.

For realism you’ve tried a movie prosthetic, but it took 2 hours to get on, one to get off, and was only good for two uses before it fell apart.

The answer is Silicone. It goes on as quickly as a latex horror mask, but has the realism and facial movements of a movie prosthetic… plus it lasts forever.

We began our halloween mask shop over a decade ago. We’re tried scarcrow soft flex (softflex tm) masks and loved them, but they tore like tissue paper. We tried scream team hollywood movie prosthetics, but the took forever to make up. We loved horror and death masks, but latex is so 1970s. What is the ULTIMATE mask? Silicone. Facial movement, ABSOLUTE realism (that even fools Tom Savini), and no wasted time applying spirit gum and makeup. No one could produce the horror mask you wanted, the halloween mask we wanted, the mask haunted houses wanted. . . so we did.
Welcome to the new world.

2009 lineup: Michael Myers / Rob Zombie tribute mask – Demon Skull – Devil – Scarecrow – Rotten Zombie – Nosferatu – (future releases) Vampire Bat – Wolfman – Beast – Fresh Zombie – Mad Doctor – Alien Bug – Gore’ific – Witch – Ed Gein – Old man wizard – Bondage Guard – Medieval Dungeon